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Online KLT Courses

Professional and career development

Highly Practical & Interactive Courses

All KLT courses integrate clinical reasoning and decades of practical experience with the latest in evidence-based scientific opinion, allowing participants to discover proven strategies for success.

The delivery format of all KLT professional development programs is very interactive with a significant percentage of every course dedicated to acquiring and mastering practical skills.

  • Empower yourself with new knowledge and skills.
  • Study at a venue near you with like-minded, motivated exercise professionals.
  • Immerse yourself in an intelligent training environment.

Kinetic Link Training - Level One

Strengthening Functional Movement

Revolutionise your approach to functional strength training and core-conditioning. Learn the unique and highly-effective Kinetic Link Training system.

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Kinetic Link Training - Level Two

Refining Movement Control

Explore the creation of focus programs. Integrated exercises selected and programmed for an individual's rehab or movement restoration goals.

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All KLT exercises and workouts can be performed either at home or in a gym. You choose the exercise environment or training space that suits you best and is the most convenient.

Home training requires resistance bands and dumbbells only. Gym training requires cables, dumbbells and a variety of free weights.