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KLT e-Book

For Everybody

Evolving Functional Strength

by Wayne Rodgers & Graeme Kennedy

AUD $44

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This eBook is the perfect introduction to the Kinetic Link Training system.

By following the chapters in this book, you will:

  • develop fantastic full-body fitness by completing one of our simple Kinetic Link Training eight-week programs.
  • significantly enhance your functional movement strength and core control by learning and performing a comprehensive selection of KLT exercises and workouts.
  • study the Kinetic Link Training system and appreciate how to move your entire body in an integrated manner with ease and efficiency.
  • create a well balanced and well toned physique which demonstrates strength and stability in three dimensions of motion.
  • understand how functional strength training fits into a bigger picture of long-term health and wellbeing.

The KLT eBook is quite unique in that you are accessing a short online course.

The eBook is delivered via our e-learning platform.

This provides you with the opportunity to both download the eBook (in PDF format - which you can keep forever) and view online movies of all exercises taught in the eBook (you can access the movies for 3 months).